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The Difference Between The Needle Holder and The Hemostatic Forceps

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In surgery, doctors usually use needle holder and medical forceps. Although these two tools are common to doctors, the average person has no understanding of them. This article will introduce the functions of these two tools and their differences. 



What Are Forceps?

The crocodile forceps are a kind of surgical instrument which can block blood by clamping blood vessels. During the surgical operation, if the patient begins to bleed, the doctor will first use hemostatic drugs on the patient, and then they will use alligator forceps to clamp the main artery of the blood vessel to stop the blood flow out. 


The working principle of hartmann ear forceps is the same as that of ordinary clamps, but it is used to clamp blood vessels, and the hartmann aural forceps are sterilized, and there are almost no bacteria and viruses on its surface. There are many shapes of medical clamps forceps, such as large crocodile ear forceps, small forceps, toothed forceps and toothless forceps. In surgical operation, different forceps are suitable for different operations and different human tissues. The teeth beside the handle of sutter bipolar forceps can fix the clamped objects and prevent the objects from falling off.


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What Is a Needle Holder

The needle holder is also an instrument used in surgical operation. Its main function is to hold the needle used for suturing the wound. The needle holder is similar to the forceps in shape, but the front jaws of the two tools are different. The needle holder is generally made of corrosion resistant, high strength and high quality stainless steel. Surgeons use the needle holders to hold the surgical needles and sew the patient's tissue. Due to the different shapes and sizes of surgical needles, doctors use different types of needle holders. When using a small surgical needle, doctors will choose a needle holder with a relatively small jaw. When using a thicker surgical needle, doctors will also use a needle holder with a relatively large jaw. Only in this way can the surgical needle be held stably. When suturing deep tissues, long needle holders are needed to facilitate the operation of doctors.


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Difference Between Forceps and Needle Holder

From the appearance, the head of kocher forceps is thinner and longer than needle holder. Forceps are usually straight and curved. Some forceps also have teeth. The forceps with teeth can not only block the blood flow, but also can not damage the blood vessels. This kind of forceps are usually used to clamp venous or arterial vessels. Forceps, also known as vascular forceps, are mainly used to clamp human blood vessels to stop bleeding.


The function of the needle holder is to hold the surgical needle so that doctors can sew the wound of the patient. The needle holder has the shorter head than the forceps, and its teeth are shallow. The needle holder can hold the thick or thin surgical needles. There is a groove in the needle holder for holding the thick surgical needle, which is used to increase the stability of the clamping surgical needle and prevent the surgical needle from falling off.




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