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Why is it important to protect our eyes from ultraviolet rays?

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Ultraviolet rays are light with a wavelength of 400nm~10nm (nanometers) in sunlight. In the solar spectrum, the frequency of ultraviolet rays is higher than that of visible rays. When ultraviolet rays are irradiated to the human body, it can promote the synthesis of vitamin D in the human body to prevent rickets. Ultraviolet rays also have a bactericidal effect, and wards in hospitals are disinfected by ultraviolet rays. But too strong ultraviolet rays are fatal to the eyes! Let us look at the reasons together.



The effect of ultraviolet rays on the eyes

The effects of ultraviolet rays on the eyes can be divided into acute and chronic. Acute refers to the effect of a large amount of ultraviolet rays entering the eyes. Performing welding work, water skiing, skiing for several hours without wearing protective goggles, will burn the cornea due to exposure to a large amount of ultraviolet rays. The main symptoms are eye irritation, photophobia, tears, and red eyes. Chronic refers to eye diseases caused by UV damage over the years.


One of the main factors affecting the production of pterygium is the long-term damage of ultraviolet rays. The pterygium is a triangular shaped unhealthy tissue that grows from the conjunctiva to the center of the cornea. It can cause uneven secretion of the tear layer on the surface of the eye and can cause intermittent blurred vision. When the pterygium is so severe that it covers the pupils, it can make eyesight affected.


People who often work outdoors, such as fishermen and farmers, are more susceptible to this eye disease, and patients need to undergo resection to cure it. In addition, cataract is mainly caused by old age and deterioration of organ function, but it is also related to the long-term damage of ultraviolet rays. Macular degeneration may also be related to long-term exposure to ultraviolet light.


Eye health and prevention


How to prevent ultraviolet rays from harming the eyes

Avoid prolonged exposure to strong sunlight. It is best to use a parasol or a wide-brimmed sunhat (preferably to cover the neck). A hat with a brim of 7 cm can block 50% of the sun, and a parasol can block 90% of the sun. It is best to wear long-sleeved shirts when going out in summer (red and light colors work best) to minimize skin exposure.


Wear suitable sunglasses. To prevent ultraviolet rays from harming your eyes, you should wear sunglasses when going out when the sun is particularly strong. Ordinary plastic lenses can block the penetration of ultraviolet rays. If the color of the lens is too dark, the pupils of a person will be enlarged, and ultraviolet rays will easily penetrate. In order to block the reflected sunlight, it is best to choose a sports mirror suitable for the face shape.


Choose sunscreen products carefully. Sunscreen should be applied to the skin when going out or swimming in strong light. Choose sunscreen products to consider the nature of the skin and living environment. Although sunscreen products with high SPF have good sun protection effects, they often put a lot of burden on the skin. Sunscreen is divided into an absorbent formulation and a scattering formulation. The former can absorb ultraviolet energy and convert it into heat and release it, while the latter can scatter ultraviolet rays on the surface of the skin.



Everyone must pay attention to the harm of ultraviolet rays to the eyes, otherwise it will cause serious eye diseases in the long term, and the need for eye surgery is something that everyone does not want to face!  Eye health and prevention are things worthy of everyone's attention.