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Surgical Instruments for GSL and GT
-Are typically for goniosynechialysis (GSL) and goniotomy (GT) with 120 or 240
degrees, can be applied for:

-GT: refers to goniotomy standalone (GT), is primarily used in primary open-angle
glaucoma (POAG) without cataracts

-PEI + GT: refers to phacoemulsification with goniotomy (PEI + GT), is primarily
used in POAG with coexisting cataracts

-PEI + GSL + GT: refers to phacoemulsification with goniosynechialysis and
goniotomy (PEI + GSL + GT), is mainly aimed at advanced primary angle-closure
glaucoma (PACG) with coexisting cataracts

-SPI+GSL+GT: refers to surgical peripheral iridectomy with goniosynechialysis
and goniotomy, is primarily for advanced PACG without cataracts or without
cataract surgery indication