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What should I do if my eyes are bloodshot?

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In life, we occasionally see people with red eyeballs. This is medically called eye congestion. Eye congestion is actually a symptom of eye disease. It can be caused by conjunctivitis. Is eye congestion a serious thing? How should we solve it? Next, let me introduce the reasons and precautions of eye congestion!



What causes eye congestion

It turns out that under normal circumstances, the blood vessels of the bulbar conjunctiva are all deflated and in a "sleeping" state. There is no blood passing through the blood vessels, so the sclera always looks so white and flawless. When encountering the invasion of bacteria, viruses, etc., the "sleeping" blood vessels will be "awakened" immediately and then expanded.


Eye congestion is mostly caused by infections of various bacteria in the eye, such as inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea, trauma, heavy physical labor, constipation, long-term strenuous exercise, etc. Diabetes, hypertension, and arteriosclerosis are also triggers. All of these reasons can cause a sudden increase in blood pressure in the eye, dilation of blood vessels in the eye, and bleeding in the eye.


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Countermeasures for eye congestion

1. Pay attention to rest

Only enough rest can restore our tired body and continue to work better. If you overuse your eyes and don't pay attention to rest, the lighter can cause our vision to decline, and the severer can cause blindness.


2. Apply to reduce eye congestion

When there is congestion in our eyes, apply cold compresses to the eyes for the first two days to constrict the dilated blood vessels in the eyes, and change to hot compresses on the third day to promote the scattering of excess blood. When applying, do not apply cold or hot compresses all at once. Put the towel on the eyes little by little, and give the eyes a process of adaptation to prevent the blood vessels in the eyes from contracting and dilating suddenly and bursting.


3. Ensure nutrition

When our eyes are tired and congested, in addition to proper rest, we must also ensure nutritional supplements, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of eye congestion. Usually, we can eat more foods rich in vitamin A, carotene and vitamin B2; at the same time, choose foods high in phospholipids to strengthen the brain, such as egg yolks, fish, shrimps, walnuts, peanuts, etc., and consciously choose more protection foods for the eyes, such as eggs, animal liver, kidney, carrots, spinach, millet, Chinese cabbage, tomatoes, day lily, spinach, wolfberry. Ensure the nutrition of the eyes.


4. Take corresponding drugs

In addition to the above measures, we must take medicines. Although the eye congestion can recover on its own within three to five days, in order to prevent the disease from getting worse, we should also take the corresponding eye medicine and under the correct guidance of the eye doctor.. This is good for our health.



Finally, if you are tired, stressed, and often have high blood pressure in this situation, you must pay attention to the possibility of conjunctival arteriosclerosis, and you need to undergo corresponding eye treatment and surgery. If it is not treated in time, it can cause leukoplakia, affect vision and affect appearance; in severe cases, blindness.