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What should I do if my eyes are allergic, red, swollen and itchy?

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Many people have symptoms of eye allergies, and the eyes are the window of the soul, which is a very important and very fragile organ, so when the eyes have problems, it is easy to cause many complications. But there are many ways to prevent eye allergies, such as not using cosmetics, paying attention to eye hygiene and so on. These can prevent the occurrence of eye allergies. Let us take a look at the symptoms and solutions of eye allergy.



Symptoms of eye allergy

Let me first introduce the symptoms of eye allergies. This symptom occurs because the eyes suffer from some harmful substances. In this case, the eyes will secrete a lot of tears or mucus to protect themselves and flush away allergic substances, but If there is a large number of viruses or allergic substances invading, it is likely that the self-protection mechanism of the eyes will exceed the working range and cannot completely protect the eyes from bacterial invasion, so some allergic reactions have occurred.


Eye allergy is a very common condition now, and the damage caused by this symptom is also very serious, and it is likely to cause some complications. In serious cases, various general surgery instrument sets are needed for intervention. We can also prevent early allergies through some artificial methods, which can help ourselves avoid eye allergies.



symptoms of eye allergies

How to protect your eyes from allergies

1. Pay attention to eye hygiene. Allergies are usually caused by bacterial invasion. If you do not pay attention to eye hygiene, it is likely to increase the bacteria in the eyes and cause allergies, so you must pay attention to eye hygiene .


2. Do not use cosmetics casually. The chemicals contained in cosmetics can also cause allergic reactions in the eyes, so you must not use cosmetics casually, especially those that contain a lot of chemicals. When wearing contact lenses, if you have symptoms such as red eyes, itching, and tingling, you should remove the contact lenses immediately, especially the occurrence of giant papillary conjunctivitis because of wearing contact lenses. Before allergic symptoms are relieved, general frame glasses are the best choice.


3. Do not eat spicy food, because spicy food is likely to irritate the eyes. For example, eating spicy food is likely to have some residues on the hands. If the patient rubs his eyes, it will affect the eyes and induce allergies.


4. Don't go to places with harsh environments. There are actually many places with harsh environments, and these bacteria are likely to trigger a coma reaction, so you must not go to places with harsh environments.



The symptom of eye allergy is very common in daily life, and this symptom is likely to cause the patient’s vision to decline, thereby affecting the patient’s work and life, and may also cause some eye diseases to appear in the patient’s Therefore, we must prevent the appearance of eye allergies.