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What Is Pinkeye?

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Pinkeye, also known as conjunctivitis, is the redness and inflammation of the transparent membrane covering the whites of the eyes and the inner membrane of the eyelids. Although allergies, chemicals, and underlying diseases can also be caused, Pinkeye is usually caused by viral or bacterial infections.




Eye redness is a typical symptom of pinkeye. Pinkeye is a common disease that is rarely severe and is unlikely to cause long-term eye or visual impairment if promptly detected and treated. 


Symptoms of infectious pinkeye usually start with one eye and, if caused by bacteria, involve the other within a few days. If the cause is virus, symptoms start in both eyes at the same time. Symptoms of allergic pinkeye usually involve both eyes and almost always include itching. A common symptom of bacterial and allergic pinkeye is eyelid swelling.


Allergic pinkeye and viral pinkeye can also make people's eyes feel uncomfortable and shed more tears. When you have pinkeye, you will feel your eyes itchy, and you will also feel the eyes burning. These are typical symptoms of pinkeye.


A clear, watery drainage is common symptom with viral and allergic pinkeye. When the drainage is more greenish-yellow (and there's a lot of it), this is likely bacterial pinkeye.


When you have pinkeye, you feel your eyelids sticking when you open your eyes every morning, which makes you uncomfortable when you open your eyes. These substances that stick to your eyes are abnormal substances that your eyes secrete when you sleep.


Pinkeye can cause your eyes to be particularly sensitive to light. People with severe symptoms (e.g., changes in vision, severe photosensitivity, or severe pain) may have infections that have spread beyond the conjunctiva. These people may also have more severe infection or inflammation in the eye. In either case, the condition should be examined by a doctor. 


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Diagnosis of Pinkeye

Doctors can often diagnose red eye disease by distinguishing symptoms and signs. Sometimes, they also use some tools to assist diagnosis, such as eye need holder, eye scissors, etc. In some cases, secretions from the eyes are sent to the laboratory to determine the cause. 



Treating of Pinkeye

You can use antibiotic eye drops, ointment or tablets to treat bacterial pinkeye. There is no specific treatment for most viral pinkeye. You just need to get the virus cleared by the immune system, usually four to seven days. Allergic pinkeye symptoms should improve once the allergen source is removed and the allergy itself is treated but can get relief with antihistamines.



Easing Symptoms

To relieve the symptoms of pinkeye, you can apply cold or hot compress to your eyes. Make sure you use a different towel for each eye to prevent any infection from spreading. You need to use a clean towel to wipe the secretions from your eyes.  


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