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What Are Included in the Medical Devices? (Ⅰ)

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According to a report, it is estimated that the development of mobile medical market will bring us $23 billion in revenue by 2017. Some data also show that by the end of 2017, the scale of the mobile medical market in China exceed 10 billion yuan. Let's take a look at several profitable mobile healthcare models. The medical equipment in reality includes ophthalmic instrument set, rumex instruments, yoni speculum, etc.



4. Hospital Networking, Online Diagnosis and Prescription

In the United States, many clinics operate on the Internet. Patients can make an appointment and request prescription drugs from the Internet, obtain the electronic version of the examination results, and view personal health conclusions through the Internet. Doctors can access electronic medical records through the network. However, due to different medical models, this mode has not yet been developed in China.


At present, many hospitals in China have basically formed a complete mobile medical system. For example, through themobile doctor application, doctors can know the patient's condition anytime and anywhere, and simultaneously make diagnosis results and treatment plans. Some may need to apply medical devices, such as medical instruments forceps, high flow oxygen devices, etc. Even if the doctor is not in the hospital, he can apply for diagnosis report and order according to the system information. However, the current information construction between hospitals is not perfect. The electronic medical records and diagnosis and treatment information of patients between each other are not shared through information exchange technology, so patients naturally can not experience the convenience brought by mobile medical.


ophthalmic instrument set


5. the Management of Chronic Diseases with Mobile Phone Client

Recently, the diabetes management platform developed by Welldoc, a mobile medical company for personal health management in the United States, has become the first mobile phone application approved by FDA to help doctors optimize the prescription. In China, the medical and health science and technology development research center of the Health and Family Planning Commission has launched thecomprehensive management project of cardiovascular risk factors for hypertensive patients in China, which plans to realize the direct contact between patients and doctors through mobile phone App.


There are more than 300 million chronic patients in China. When the scale of users increases, the social and commercial value will be reflected. However, mobile medical App may encounter problems such as patient privacy protection and legality of medical orders. In addition, a considerable number of elderly patients are not used to mobile medical.



6. Wearable Medical Treatment to Realize Monitoring and Data Collection

At present, there are two categories of wearable medical devices on the market. One is in vitro data acquisition, such as blood glucose monitoring system. The other is to help users manage important physiological activities by monitoring physical signs (such as heart rate, pulse rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, heat consumption, etc.). In an ideal situation, it can collect a set of long-term data of patients, and find the chronic disease risk of users in the medium and long term by comparing with the benchmark data of the population. Doctors can also obtain important information such as disease changes and rehabilitation progress of patients, and provide personalized medical programs purposefully.


However, experts believe that wearable medicine should solve the problem of data reliability. In addition, technical support and popularization of the concept of health management is also a top priority. Finally, the real value of wearable medical devices is the data collected, but there is a lack of system management and professional guidance. Medical equipment includes capnography cannula, sims duckbill speculum, etc.



sims duckbill speculum

7. Health Big Data Has Unlimited Value

With the development of wearable device market, a large number of data related to consumer health have been accumulated. A large amount of information can produce infinite commercial value through deep mining. For example, through the medical database patient information can be searched. Through mobile technology, patients can contact doctors at any time. However, compared with developed countries, the degree of informatization in China's medical industry is still in its initial stage. In the overall investment, there is also an obvious gap.


In China, the doctor-patient relationship is relatively tense. Only by quickly restoring the trust between doctors and patients can the role of mobile medical be effectively played. In addition, the continuous increase of data leads to‘data flood’.


Although the development is booming, most of the domestic mobile medical enterprises are still in the initial stage of user accumulation. For example, the current hot consumer medical concept equipment are mostly concentrated on some simple data monitoring and recording, lack of in-depth data mining, with poor interactivity. More importantly, there is still a core problem that has not been solved. In other words, the final receiving end of all data should be doctors, but it is difficult for Chinese public hospital doctors to provide detailed and sufficient professional advice to customers through these mobile medical services.


In addition, there are many challenges in the application of mobile technology, such as less mobile applications, technical limitations, security, budget, etc. These factors which will make the domestic mobile medical ultimately profitable in China still has a long way to go. The practical medical devices include metal ear speculum, medical shears, phaco instruments, etc.