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Instructions for The Use of Electrosurgical Bipolar Coagulating Forceps

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The role of electrosurgical bipolar coagulating forceps is to grasp, manipulate, and coagulate selected tissues for general surgery. They are connected to the appropriate bipolar cable output of the electrosurgical generator. Bipolar forceps can only be used with bipolar coagulation currents. Condensation is achieved using electrosurgical energy generated by the electrosurgical generator unit and activated by a foot switch. These bipolar forceps have not been shown to be effective for tubal sterilization procedures and therefore cannot be applied to these procedures. 




The electrosurgical bipolar coagulating forceps are non-sterile and must be cleaned and sterilized according to the following instructions before use.


Do not use the bipolar forceps with bipolar generator settings exceeding 1200 Vpp due to changes in generator output voltage.


Special care should be taken when using non-insulated bipolar medical forceps, which are not recommended if the patient's body is at risk of touching the tip and handle of the bipolar crocodile forceps. Because the patient may be electrocuted, causing serious harm to the patient's body.


On the premise of ensuring the effect of surgery, the power of bipolar alligator forceps should be lowest as far as possible, which can not only ensure the safety of patients, but also save energy.


The use of bipolar hartmann ear forceps for tasks other than instructions usually results in instrument damage. Surgeons and staff using this tool should receive adequate training in the use of electrosurgical equipment before use. Please read these instructions before use.



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Electrosurgical Precautions

Refer to your electrosurgical system operator's manual for proper use and setup of equipment. Ensure compliance with all precautions. The inspection, handling and use of electrosurgical equipment are the responsibility of the user. 


Do not perform electrosurgical procedures in the vicinity of flammable anesthetics or other flammable gases, flammable fluids or objects, or in the presence of oxidants, as fire may result. 


When using bipolar medical clamps forceps in electrosurgery, keep the voltage or power as low as possible to achieve the desired effect. The user can activate the device only when in contact with the target tissue or can deliver energy to the target tissue by electrocautery. 


Place active electrodes in a non-conductive dedicated instrument holder or in a clean, dry, non-conductive area away from the patient when not in use. Burns may result if the patient accidentally touches the device. If the equipment is in contact with the curtain, it may cause fire. 



Use Instructions

Connect the bipolar lead to the connector end of the crocodile ear forceps until the lead socket sleeve is firmly attached to the connector cup on the sutter bipolar forceps. When using irrigation forceps, connect the tube to the back end of the forceps and use a Luer joint if necessary.


Connect the end of the wire to the bipolar coagulation unit. When using irrigation kocher forceps, connect the pipe to the generator and prime it according to the generator manual.


Connect accessories to the electrosurgical generator only when the system is off. Failure to comply with this precaution or to handle these connections when the system is on may result in injury or shock to patients or operating room personnel.