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Innovation Core of Hospital Management Mode (1)

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At present, under the market economy, hospital management includes four main aspects, medical quality and medical service standard, modern hospital human resource management, modern hospital financial management and modern hospital marketing management. Medical devices include allis surgical instrument, nasal tube for oxygen, etc.



1. Two Service Extremes: Over Service and No Service

The original and basic competition of various industries is the competition of capital and added value. That is, the increase of product value is realized without increasing the cost and increasing the added value of products and services. Modern hospitals are aware of this and are looking for differentiation, market segmentation, and the added value of the medical industry, such as upgrading medical devices and other medical facilities, including different types of nasal cannulas, need driver medical, laser spectrum, etc.


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Modern hospitals are doing their best about service. However, a hospital in Wenzhou asked Air China's trainers to train more than 60 nurses to smile. The professional smile of five-star hotels led to over service and made patients have a sense of vigilance. A fully commercial operation model has proved to be unworkable. Some large hospitals are still in the seller's market and have no sense of service, so they are still sitting in the hospital waiting for patients to come. It is still that the patient has been diagnosed and the prescription has been opened, but he has not seen the patient yet. The service awareness is very poor. Neither of these extremes is advocated.


The correct hospital management philosophy should be that patients are notGod, and doctors are notgrandsonsof God. Doctors are not the Savior of patients, and patients are notmedical seekers.



2. Staff Management: Turning Human Resource into Ability

The human resource department of modern hospital should regard people as talents and train them as talents. The responsibility of the human resources department is to give all people a suitablestage rather than apost. By encouraging employees to fly higher on their own stage, they can realize their own value and make more contributions to the development of the hospital.


The leader of human resources department should have the ability of interpersonal communication, be able to persuade his subordinates to obey the command of the superior, and provide the basis for the superior to appoint and select talents.


The human resources department should also have the ability of self-control, and say nothing about the decision-making and operation of the hospital. Be able to coordinate the relationship between employees, between employers and leaders. At the same time, people should also have the ability to supervise the subordinates. They should be able to dispatch and establish authority.



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3. Financial Management: Revenue and Expenditure in Hand Will Have Profits

Under the market economy, the accountant director has a new namefinancial director. They should not only manage the finance, but also carry out cost accounting. They will implement various measures to reduce hospital costs with various management tools and methods. The hospital has comprehensive control over the construction of hardware and software. The investment of the hospital should also be considered as a whole and how to make good use of the limited resources of the hospital, including various farrier ear speculum, eye speculum, etc.


Therefore, the financial department of modern hospital is to account with the future. The director of the financial department of the hospital should know what kind of investment the hospital should make in the future, and whether the financial resources are allowed? Financial staff should know whether each department needs investment? How much debt should the hospital operate? If a hospital wants to invest in building a building, the financial staff should know whether to build a ward building or an outpatient building. If it is an outpatient building, whether it is appropriate to build six, twelve or eighteen floors, and to know the corresponding medical resources, service market, peer competition, even transportation, water supply, environment and other issues.


The innovation of business model is the marketization of medical service, hospital human resource management, hospital financial management and the introduction of correct marketing concept into the hospital. Medical services also include the upgrading of medical clamp scissors, glass spectrum, nasal oxygen tube, etc.).