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How to prevent eye diseases in daily life?

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Do you attach importance to eye diseases? In recent years, eye diseases have gradually increased, and more and more people need eye surgery to improve their vision. How should we protect our eyes and prevent eye diseases?



How to prevent eye diseases in daily life

Master the method of using eyes

1. Ensure the uniformity of lighting, the natural lighting coefficient is not less than 1%, the desktop lighting is at least 50LUX, preferably 100LUX, and the light is on the left.

2. Take a break every 20 minutes while reading, look out for 1 minute, relax your eye muscles, blink and close your eyes for a few seconds to lubricate your eyeballs; the desk for reading and writing is about 1 foot away from your eyes.

3. Pay attention to the TV watching time generally 30-60 minutes, you should rest for 10 minutes, the distance between your eyes and the TV screen is generally 5 times the diagonal of the TV, and the viewing angle should not exceed 45 degrees.

4. Pay attention to diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, fish, sheep liver and other calcium-containing foods. Scientific research has shown that sweets can easily cause myopia in children.


age-related macular degeneration


Pay attention to diet to protect eyesight

Ophthalmologists believe that to protect eyesight, one should pay attention to diet. Food is closely related to eye health. During World War II, the Royal Air Force pilots used carrots, orange juice and foods rich in carotene to improve their eyesight. A study in 2001 confirmed the positive effects of anti-aging agents against free radicals, especially free radicals produced by light.


In patients with age-related macular degeneration, these anti-aging agents, such as vitamin C, A, E and trace elements zinc, copper, selenium, etc., can reduce the risk of disease development by 25%. Eye health also has some new foods, such as w-3 fatty acids (contained in fish oil, walnut oil and vegetable oil). According to a research report published in the United States, eating large amounts of animal oil doubles the risk of suffering from macular degeneration, and eating foods rich in w-3 fatty acids can reduce this risk by half.



Develop good eye-catching habits

Wash your hands often, pay attention to the hygiene of towels and washbasins. Do not touch your eyes with your hands, and do not go to dusty places; wear goggles on a windy day to prevent foreign objects from entering your eyes. Once your eyes enter the foreign objects, do not rub them with your hands. Find a doctor or go to the hospital to take it out; do not look at the place that irritates the eyes, such as electric welding, to prevent the strong light from hurting the eyes;

After bathing or swimming, pay attention to eye changes and redness, and apply eye drops in time. However, do not mess with eye drops and use them under the guidance of a doctor. Otherwise, it is easy to cause damage to the eyes.


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