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How Do You Know About the Current Status of China's Medical Device Industry

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When it comes to medical devices, the items that everyone thinks of are surgical speculum, medical tape scissors, nasal cannula, forceps medical instruments, etc. Today we will focus on the development status of the medical industry including these medical devices.


The number of medical device manufacturers in China has increased from hundreds at the beginning of Reform and Development to nearly 15,343 in 2016. The total output value of the medical device industry has increased nearly 500 billion yuan in 2016. Today, China has become one of the major producers and major consumers of medical devices in the world.



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1. Current Status of China's Medical Device Industry

The number of medical device manufacturers in China has been increasing year by year in the past ten years. By the end of 2016, there were 15,343 medical device manufacturers registered in the medical devfoice industry in China, of which 4,979 were able to produce first-class products, 8,957 companies can produce second-class products, and there are 2,366 companies that can produce third--class products.


The distribution of medical device manufacturers in China is uneven, mainly in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the Bohai Rim. Among them, the medical device manufacturers in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Shanghai and Beijing account for 58.5%.


Medical equipment refers to instruments, equipment, appliances, materials or other items used on the human body alone or in combination, and also includes required software. Medical equipment is the most basic element of medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, institutions, and clinical subjects. It includes professional medical equipment as well as household medical equipment, such as medical clamps forceps, suture holder, etc.



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2. Medical Equipment

The medical equipment is an important indicator of modernization, the most basic element of medical treatment, scientific research, teaching and research, and a basic condition for continuously improving the level of medical science and technology. To a large extent, the development of clinical disciplines depends on the development of instruments, and the instrument even plays a decisive role. Therefore, the medical equipment has become an important field of modern medicine.


There is no power outage in the hospital. Once a power outage occurs, it may threaten the lives of patients. Similarly, medical equipment cannot be powered off. Therefore, medical equipment has very strict requirements for power supply specifications. There are special specifications in the design of medical equipment batteries.


With the development of medical science and bioengineering technology, the demand for high-end medical equipment such as MRI, CT, PET, Gamma Knife and other high-tech imaging equipment and radiotherapy equipment has surged, the reform of the medical and health system also increase the demand for high-end equipment in primary hospitals.


80% of China's medical resources are concentrated in 20% of large cities, and common people see doctors in large hospitals, resulting in long waiting times for doctors and a shortage of hospital beds. Improving the community medical network, allowing people to enter the community for minor illnesses and hospitals for serious illnesses is one of the main means to solve the difficulty and expensive medical care in China. Community medical institutions will become the main body of community health services such as preventive health care, basic medical care, health education, and disease control. Community medical services in China are still in their infancy.


At present, most community medical institutions have weak software and hardware facilities, and the income of medical staff is low, resulting in a shortage of talents and a huge gap in general practitioners. The entering barriers have fallen, and doctors and nurses with low professional levels have become medical and health services. This is a structural defect of community medical services. In addition, community service centers are responsible for preventive care, planned immunization, health education, medical treatment, rehabilitation, and family planning technologies, which affects the rate of medical visits in urban communities. Most publicly funded or medical insurance designated medical units are general hospitals, and general hospitals are the first choice for patients with publicly funded medical services and medical insurance. Most self-financed people will choose to go to a large hospital for treatment, which increases the pressure on large hospitals and makes community medical institutions appear awkward. Choosing hospitals only based on personal preference rather than disease conditions has led to some critically ill patients not being able to receive required diagnosis and treatment, resulting in a waste of limited medical resources.


In short, the development of China's medical industry still has a long way to go. Improvements and upgrades of medical equipment are still a trend. Do you want to learn more about high-end medical equipment? Please contact us, we can provide you with medical forceps, medical cannulas, needle holders, medical suture scissors, etc.