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Eyeglasses May One Day Treat Glaucoma

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Glaucoma is a group of diseases characterized by atrophy and depression of optic papilla, visual field defect and vision decline. Pathological increase of intraocular pressure and insufficient blood supply of optic nerve are the primary risk factors. The tolerance of optic nerve to pressure damage is also related to the occurrence and development of glaucoma. Obstruction of any link in aqueous humor circulation may lead to pathological changes caused by elevated intraocular pressure. However, some patients present normal intraocular pressure glaucoma. Glaucoma is one of the three leading causes of blindness in human blindness. The incidence rate of the total population is 1% and 2% after 45 years old. According to the etiology, angle and tonometry, glaucoma can be divided into three categories: primary, secondary and congenital. 


Secondary glaucoma is caused by some eye diseases or systemic diseases interfering with the normal aqueous circulation, such as glaucoma caused by ocular trauma, neovascular glaucoma, iridocyclitis secondary glaucoma, glucocorticoid glaucoma, etc. Congenital glaucoma is caused by abnormal embryonic development and congenital variation of angle structure.



Etiology of Glaucoma

Pathological elevated intraocular pressure is the main risk factor for glaucoma. Elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) leads to optic nerve damage through mechanical compression and optic nerve ischemia. The longer the duration of elevated IOP, the more serious the visual impairment. The reason for the increase of IOP in glaucoma is that the dynamic balance of aqueous humor circulation is destroyed. In a few cases, because of the excessive secretion of aqueous humor, the outflow of aqueous humor was obstructed, such as anterior chamber angle stenosis or even closure, trabecular sclerosis and so on.


Elevated intraocular pressure is not the only risk factor for glaucoma. Some patients with normal intraocular pressure have typical pathological changes of glaucoma. Although intraocular pressure has been controlled in some glaucoma patients, the optic nerve damage is still progressive. It shows that there are other factors related to the incidence of glaucoma, such as regional anatomical variation, age, race, family history, myopia cardiovascular disease, diabetes, abnormal hemorheology, etc.


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Diagnosis of Glaucoma

Glaucoma can be diagnosed by gonioscope. Gonioscope is an examination equipment in ophthalmology. In addition, eye speculum, barraquer eye speculum, lieberman eye speculum and eye scissors are common ophthalmic tools.



Treatment of Glaucoma

For patients with glaucoma, if there is also myopia, you can wear transparent cyan glasses to assist treatment. But people with glaucoma can't wear sunglasses. Because the patient's eye pressure itself is very high, if you wear sunglasses, the light will be reduced, pupil enlargement, leading to increased intraocular pressure, aggravating the disease. In addition, some glasses used to treat glaucoma are being developed by doctors. In the future, people can treat glaucoma directly by wearing treatment glasses. 


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