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Do You Know All These Common Sense of Hearing Aids?

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For some hearing aids that have little effect or ineffective hearing loss, a cochlear implant can be implanted through surgery to bypass the damaged part of the patients ear and directly stimulate the hair cells in the cochlea, allowing people to regain the sound. The basic instruments for surgery generally used in this type of surgery include automatic spring back ear mark forceps, ear guards for oxygen tubing, hartmann ear speculum and so on.


In addition, the current treatment for otosclerosis is mainly surgery, of which stapes resection is the accepted treatment. The instruments commonly used in this type of surgery include extracting forcep, stainless steel autoclave tray, and micro scissors.


Sensorineural hearing loss is arguably the most common hearing loss, and most of the adults with hearing impairment belong to this condition. At present, we cannot repair damaged hair cells through surgery. It is generally recommended to use hearing aids for hearing aid compensation in the world. Before using the hearing aid, it is recommended to go to the pediatrics department of the hospital to let the doctor carefully look at the condition in the ear with aural speculum.

Reasons for Wearing Hearing Aids


The reason for hearing aids is generally to protect residual hearing, improve listening effects, and improve quality of life. Hearing loss should be equipped with hearing aids as soon as possible, because only in time with hearing aids to continuously stimulate the ear nerves, in order to maintain the existing hearing as much as possible. When medical treatment is ineffective and surgery cannot restore hearing, you can choose to wear hearing aids.


Types And Styles of Hearing Aids


How to find the most suitable hearing aid depends on the following conditions: the type and severity of your hearing loss, age, lifestyle, and hearing aid cost.


Common hearing aids are box type, behind-the-ear type, in-ear type, ear canal type, and deep ear canal type. The cassette type hearing aid is the simplest, but the disadvantage is inconvenience. This type of hearing aid is the cheapest. BTE hearing aids are used by many people and can achieve good results.

There are two main types of hearing aids: analog hearing aids and digital hearing aids.


The former converts sound waves into electrical signals and then makes them louder. Digital hearing aids convert sound waves into digital codes similar to computer codes and then amplify them. Whether it is a restaurant, library or stadium, you can easily adjust the sound according to your needs. The cost of this type is higher than analog hearing aids, but the effect is much better.

stainless steel autoclave tray


What Are The Benefits of Wearing Hearing Aids?


1. Improve listening comfort and participate in multi-person conversations


Due to the optional hearing aids for both ears, it improves the ear's own sound collection, noise reduction, gain, positioning, balance functions and fusion effects, and the user will greatly improve the signal-to-noise ratio and excellent listening Comfort.


2. Delay the decline of auditory nerve function


To solve the phenomenon of auditory deprivation is to solve the gradual decline of auditory central nervous function.


3. Improve noise reduction and speech comprehension


Binaural wearing means that the two auricles have the ability of sound collection and noise reduction at the same time, which is of great significance for improving the ability of language discrimination.


4. Prevent unilateral hearing fatigue


Binaural wearing can improve the integration effect, noise reduction and orientation ability, and will provide the ears with relatively high comfort and signal-to-noise ratio. It will avoid frequent unilateral increase of the volume and prevent auditory fatigue.


In short, there are some types of hearing loss that can be restored by ear surgery. Stainless steel speculum and tenotomy scissors are indispensable tools for auditory surgery. However, for minor hearing loss and surgery that cannot repair damaged hair cells, it is usually recommended to use hearing aids for hearing aid compensation.