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10 misunderstandings about protecting your eyes, have you caught it?

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Eyes are the most important organ in human senses. About 80% of knowledge and memory in the brain are obtained through eyes. Eyes are the source of information for us. Bili’s warm reminder, protect your eyes, and get out of the top ten cognitive misunderstandings!



Cleaning of glasses

Do not use facial tissues or toilet paper to clean the glasses. It is easy to leave scratches on the lenses. For cleaning the glasses, you can rinse them with water and let them dry naturally or use a glasses cloth to gently absorb moisture.


UV burns

Everyone knows that ultraviolet rays are easy to burn the skin, but ultraviolet rays are more harmful to the eyes. It may cause eye and corneal disease. However, the damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the eyes is not as obvious as sunburn on the skin, so it is often ignored by people. However, the damage caused by ultraviolet rays will slowly accumulate and cannot be recovered. Therefore, when going out on a sunny day, pay attention to UV protection.



Turn off the lights to watch TV

Use the computer to turn off the lights at night. Strong light contrast makes the eyes more prone to fatigue, and even damages the eyes over time.


eye fatigue and deepen myopia


Rub your eyes often

Excessive use of eyes causes eye fatigue and blurry eyes. People will habitually rub with their hands. Actually this is not right. First, the bacteria carried on our hands can easily cause eye infections. Second, rubbing the eyes may also damage the protective film of the eye epidermis. The correct way is to blink gently, or wash the eyes, usually be careful not to overuse the eyes.



Drop eye drops on dry eyes

Many people use eye drops when they feel that their eyes are dry, almost every half an hour, thinking that this is protecting their eyes. However, experts pointed out that this is actually not good for the eyes. Generally, eye drops have side effects. It is fine to use eye drops occasionally when the eyes are dry, but long-term use will cause damage to the eyes.



I don't wear glasses if I am nearsighted

Many people don’t wear glasses even if they are nearsighted. They think it’s not good to look at and affect their image. But if their eyesight is reduced, they must undergo a visual inspection in time. If it is confirmed to be true myopia, they must be corrected with glasses under the guidance of a professional teacher. If you don't wear glasses, it is easy to cause eye fatigue and deepen myopia.



Staring at the monitor for a long time without blinking

In this way, the eyes are easy to dry, and after a long time there will be foreign body sensation, tears, and even blurred vision. Blinking is actually a way to prevent the cornea from drying out, so adults must pay attention to taking a break for 1-2 hours when working at the computer. If you close your eyes often, you can get a rest.



Use a lot of force when applying eye cream

The skin around the eyes is very thin and fragile, it is easy to be harmed by the external environment, and it is also easy to cause the skin to sag due to skin pulling. If the technique is not gentle enough when applying eye cream and massaging the eye area, it will cause skin tugging, and it is inevitable that the skin will become loose and fine lines.



Vitamin A is good for eyes, more is better

Proper vitamin A supplementation can relieve eye fatigue, but eating more is not beneficial. It is safer and more effective to take in nutrients from food to protect the eyes. Foods such as carrots, milk, egg yolks are all good.



Eye fatigue, just sleep

Sleeping cannot relieve eye fatigue, so you should focus on distant objects, or look up and turn left and right to relieve fatigue. Some people think that looking far away can relieve eye fatigue. The key is not to see how far, but to shorten the time each time you use your eyes at close range.


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