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How to improve children's hearing acuity?

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When a sound comes out, the ear shell will collect the sound, and the sound will be transmitted to the auditory organs, producing nerve impulses, which are transmitted to the auditory center of the brain. At this time, auditory information cannot be interpreted, and the nerve impulses must be transmitted to a higher level. Only after the process of recognition, understanding, memory, association, experience, and organization of the language center and concept center of the language, the auditory information becomes meaningful and form auditory perception. Is your child's hearing acuity okay?



What is the auditory perception function

1. Auditory acuity: the ability to hear stimuli.

 Such as hearing the sound of a watch running.

2. Auditory reception ability: the ability to understand language.

Such as being able to follow the language instructions.

3. Auditory sequential ability: the ability to stimulate the sounds heard and recite them in sequence.

4. Auditory memory: the ability to maintain and repeat the information heard. For example, say the content of the lecture you listened to.

5. Combined effect of listening and speaking: able to make meaningful language responses to auditory stimuli.


hearing ability children's auditory perception


How to improve hearing acuity

On the whole, auditory perception is very important to children's learning. If the auditory perception is not good, it may cause great restrictions on learning. First of all, it is necessary to complete the newborn screening at birth to see if there is any abnormality in the hearing screening.


Although there is no congenital hearing loss, parents are still advised to pay attention to whether their children’s hearing is normal during the growth process. If they find that their children often do not respond to sounds, they will not have escape reactions to sudden noises such as covering their ears or failing to respond to calls. It is recommended that you can take your child to the hospital to see a doctor for an early hearing examination.


If the hearing ability is not abnormal, you must also pay attention to whether there is a slow response to the sound. The low auditory acuity may cause the inability to quickly respond appropriately to the external environment. It is recommended to give more to the child. Auditory stimulation training, such as making sounds when playing peekaboo with children, so that children can practice listening and distinguishing positions, etc., to improve children's hearing acuity.



How to improve auditory memory

After the child can process the basic auditory information, he can enter the initial practice of auditory memory to improve the auditory sequence ability. The child can simply memorize and repeat the content of the auditory information.

As the length of memory increases, the child’s auditory memory improves, and then through the child’s information classification and integration, the child can make a more complete integration of more complex information and summarize some key points.


The above content is provided for your reference. I hope you can understand the development process of children's auditory perception, and know how to guide children to learn or accept external information, and know how to look at the development of children's auditory perception.




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