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Why Do You Get Ear Inflammation?

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Otitis media is often referred to as inflammation of the ear. There are different forms of otitis media. It is a high incidence disease, which brings great harm. The symptoms include earache, purulence, hearing loss, tinnitus, deafness and so on. Some specula for otoscope and metal ear speculum can be applied to examine the symptoms of ear diseases.



1. Analysis of the Inducement of Otitis Media

(1) Hypoimmunity

Low immune function is the main cause of otitis media. Strengthen physical exercise in normal times and reduce the stimulation of external bad factors, especially unhealthy living habits.


(2) External Adverse Factors

The pathogenesis of otitis media is complex. Environmental factors are the main cause of otitis media. Good habits needs to be developed in daily life. Ensure adequate sleep and avoid noise pollution. Noise pollution has a great impact on hearing, which can induce serious ear nose throat diseases.


(3) Local Inflammatory Infection

Inflammatory infection is the main cause of this disease. If there is inflammation in the body, it needs to be treated as soon as possible. Take medicine reasonably to control the development of the disease and avoid complications.


specula for otoscope

(4) Wrong Way of Breast-feed

Baby lying flat and sucking bottle, this may cause milk countercurrent into the nasopharynx and into the middle ear through the eustachian tube, causing otitis media.


(5) Water into Ear Canal When Swimming

If water is swallowed carelessly when swimming, the water from the swimming pool may enter the middle ear through the nasopharynx, causing otitis media.


(6) Smoking, Including Second-hand Smoke, Can also Cause Otitis Media

Nicotine in cigarettes will lead to small blood vessel spasm and increase mucous membrane. Arterioles supplying blood to inner ear will be hardened, resulting in insufficient blood supply to inner ear and seriously affecting hearing.


(7) Listen to High Decibel Rock Music

Wearing headphones for a long time to listen to high decibel rock music is also easy to cause chronic otitis media.



2. Prevention of Otitis Media

(1) Correct Bad Living Habits

Unhealthy living habits are the main cause of otitis media. Changing unhealthy living habits can effectively prevent the incidence of otitis media. Parents should also be careful not to often clean ears for children, otherwise it is easy to puncture the skin and eardrum, resulting in otitis media.


(2) Active Prevention and Treatment of Ear Nose Throat Disease

It is easy to cause otitis media if the treatment of nasopharynx disease is not timely. If nasopharynx disease is suffered, treat it as soon as possible and keep the ears healthy. If suffering from tonsillitis, also take treatment measures as soon as possible and do a good job in comprehensive nursing work, which can reduce the incidence of otitis media. Sometimes, Farrier ear speculum, speculum for nose, sterile speculum are needed to check ear nose throat diseases.


(3) Prevention of Cold

Otitis media is mainly caused by eustachian tube infection. Do a good job in the prevention measures of cold, which can reduce the incidence of otitis media.



3. Treatment

(1) Topical Medication

Antibiotics aqueous solution or mixed solution of antibiotics and steroids hormone drugs can be applied. Although medicine treatment can temporarily alleviate the disease, it is not a radical cure after all. At present, there is no specific medicine for the treatment of otitis media on the market.


(2) Myringoplasty

Myringoplasty is a traditional method for the treatment of otitis media with bone ulcer and otitis media cholesteatomatica, which can achieve the purpose of stopping ear canal purulence and obtaining dry ear. The disadvantage is that although it can cure part of otitis media, it can not achieve the purpose of clearing the lesions, and there is a possibility of recurrence. Disposable ear speculum and Lempert annural speculum can be applied for examination and diagnosis of ear canal.


(3) Traditional Chinese Medicine Powder Treatment

Clean the ear canal with sterilized cotton swab. Take in appropriate amount of powder by rolling paper into a thin tube or with a fine plastic tube and blow it into the deep part of the ear canal.


After a few days of care, the symptoms of otitis media should tend to reduce and be relatively quickly cured. If the condition does not improve after a few days, it is very necessary to seek medical treatment.


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