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What is Tinnitus?

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There are many reasons of tinnitus in life. Only by finding the causes correctly can tinnitus be avoided. Tinnitus will bring serious harm to people's work and life, so a good job must be done in prevention.



1. Causes of Tinnitus

There are three causes of tinnitus, disease, psychology and ear reflex.


(1) Tinnitus Caused by Diseases

In general, the internal noise can not be heard because the external sound wave covers the internal sound wave. The ear bone, eardrum and ligament of the ear can make the internal sound wave escape outward. But after suffering from ear disease or other diseases, the pressure on the inner ear will increase to block the external auditory meatus, so there is tinnitus. Different types of ear speculum, such as Hartmann aural speculum and ear specula disperser, can be utilized for ear disease examination. Patients with hypertension, heart disease, drug allergy and other diseases will also appear tinnitus with the increase of internal noise.


(2) Tinnitus Caused by Psychological Reasons

When a person focuses on himself, sometimes the adaptability of hearing will be weakened, which leads to tinnitus. Concentration also strengthens the sensation of tinnitus.


(3) Tinnitus Caused by Ear Emission

Modern medical research has found that in addition to receiving sound, ears can also emit sound waves. Tinnitus is caused by ear emission in some people.


① Tinnitus is caused by the application of ototoxic drugs, such as kanamycin, streptomycin, gentamicin, etc. In case of tinnitus symptoms, the medicines should be stopped immediately and rescue measures should be taken to restore the hearing of patients.


② Tinnitus caused by ear diseases should be treated for ear diseases.


③ Tinnitus can also occur when people are lack of sleep and in emotional anxiety. If the situation is too urgent, take some medicine with positive effects.



types of ear speculum

2. Influencing Factors of Tinnitus

(1) Related to the Environment

If tinnitus occurs frequently, it has a lot to do with the external environment. For example, some people work in factories or in noisy places. The noise is more likely to cause ear irritation in these places. It is easy to cause tinnitus for a long time.


(2) Related to a Variety of Diseases

Tinnitus can also be induced by many diseases in life. For example, patients with ear disease or cardiovascular disease and diabetes or kidney disease, to a certain extent, may induce tinnitus. Speculum for ear, metal ear speculum and disposable ear speculum can assist in the examination of ear diseases. Therefore, when tinnitus occurs, especially when tinnitus occurs frequently, do not blindly think that the kidney is bad, and blindly go to eat some kidney tonic nutrition or food materials. On the contrary, this will lead to over nutrition, bring adverse effects on the kidney, and may also cause obesity. It is better to go to a hospital to check the causes.


(3) Related to Diet

In addition to diseases, the frequent occurrence of tinnitus may be related to daily diet.


① Drinking

The probability of tinnitus will increase, or this phenomenon will be more serious under the stimulation of alcohol, especially for people who like to drink for a long time.


② Heavy Taste Food

It's not good to eat heavy taste food, such as spicy food, whether it is high salt or high calorie. It will aggravate the symptoms of getting inflamed like this for a long time, not conducive to the disease, and tinnitus phenomenon will appear frequently.


Therefore, we should not only abstain from drinking and reduce the amount of drinking, but also adjust the diet structure accordingly in order to be healthy.


In a word, when tinnitus occurs, first identify the cause. Also go to hospital to do a comprehensive examination and find out the specific factors, then carry on effective treatment.


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