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What Is Snow Blindness?

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Snow blindness is an inflammation caused by damage to cornea and conjunctiva epithelium caused by ultraviolet rays. Because snow can reflect a lot of sunlight, people may suffer from this disease after a long time skiing. 



Symptoms of Snow Blindness

The main symptoms of snow blindness are eyelid swelling, conjunctival congestion and edema. In addition, patients will feel foreign bodies in their eyes and pain. Patients will also shed tears, can not open their eyes, during the onset of the patient's vision will become blurred.



Diagnosis of Snow Blindness

When diagnosing snow blindness, the doctor will ask the patient's history of trauma in detail, including the cause of injury, the object of injury, and the time of injury.


During diagnosis, doctors must pay attention to the patient's general condition, such as shock, craniocerebral trauma, infection, etc. When checking the eyes, care must be taken not to press the eyeball, and anesthetics should be used if necessary.


When checking whether there are foreign bodies on the surface of the eyeball, special attention should be paid to cornea, infratarsal sulcus and fornix conjunctiva. 


For patients with ocular contusion, ocular appendages and anterior and posterior parts of eyeball should be checked in detail. For patients with penetrating injury of eyeball, the size, location and depth of the wound should be carefully investigated to see if there is any prolapse of eyeball contents, disturbance of eyeball movement or foreign body retention. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the eyesight of each eye is normal.


In the diagnosis process, doctors may use some common medical tools, such as needle holders, medical forceps, eye scissors, ring forceps and dental needle holder.


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Treatment of Snow Blindness

Ocular trauma should be treated as an emergency. For chemical eye injury, wash it with clean water immediately, and then check it in detail. If the wound is contaminated or the wound is deep, appropriate amount of antibiotics and injection of tetanus antitoxin should be used.


Local anesthetics can be used to relieve eye pain. Eye ointment can also be applied to relieve symptoms. After suffering from snow blindness, you must wear goggles to protect your eyes. And needle to remove contact lenses to prevent eyes from being infected by bacteria, viruses, etc.


The above treatment must last for 24 to 48 hours until the symptoms of eye irritation disappear completely. You can wash your eyes with liquid medicine, or cover your eyes with an eye mask and apply ice on your eyes with a cold towel. Try to let the eyes get enough rest, and can not hot compress the eyes, high temperature will aggravate the pain of the eyes. 


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