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What Are the Seasonal Hearing Issues?

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From one season to another, the great changes of temperature, humidity, weather and other factors often cause some physical or psychological discomfort. Some symptoms often occur in specific seasons, because different seasons may be suitable for the survival of different bacteria or viruses, thus causing different epidemics (such as cold, skin diseases, etc.). The immunity of sensitive constitution is often relatively low, it will be very sensitive and easy to cause otitis media in a certain season. Ear speculum, Lempert annural speculum, Hartmann ear speculum and other medical instruments can be utilized to assist in the examination of ear diseases.



1. Hearing Problems and Seasonal Weather

Ear problems associated with the season are usually not permanent. Their temporary hearing loss is mainly due to the body's response to allergens, such as unaccustomed to extremely low or extremely high temperatures or air pressures. Sometimes, hearing changes may be due to the nose or throat affected by these factors, because the ears, nose and throat are connected together. That is why sometimes a simple cold or allergy can make hearing worse.



2. Seasonal or Persistent Allergies

Allergies, such as pollinosis and pollen allergy, tend to rise in summer because of increased pollen content, which is believed to give rise to hearing problems. The body treats pollen as a harmful substance and tries to protect it by releasing a chemical called histamine. Once histamine is released, it will cause inflammation of the membrane lining of the eustachian tube (the tube that connects the ear and nose to the back of the throat). Inflammation of the eustachian tube can lead to an imbalance in pressure, causing a feeling of blockage in the ear. This seasonal problem is temporary and usually disappears after pollen fever and pollen allergy subside. Otoscope speculum, Gruber ear speculum and disposable ear speculum can be used to check the specific symptoms of the ear.


Other substances that can lead to seasonal or persistent allergies include grass, animal dander, etc. In addition, there are hearing aids, ear plugs, earphones, shampoo or some irritating medicines. Accumulation of sweat or dirt can also set off inflammation of the skin in the ear area.



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3. Easy to Catch Cold in Autumn and Winter

Very low temperatures can also be a threat to hearing in winter. The ears are very sensitive. They are located in areas that cool very quickly, giving bacteria and viruses more chance to attack. Putting earmuffs on the ears can help prevent this problem.



4. Eczema

This may be due to seasonal allergies to local skin allergies to foreign substances (e.g. certain types of laundry detergent). Ears are not unique to this irritated and inflamed skin. Many people who have experienced dermatitis on their hands, feet, chest or other body parts can feel itchy ears.



5. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is usually found around or inside the ear, and summer sweat and dirt can be more irritating to the skin. It is red and itchy like psoriasis affecting other parts of the body. A rash can make it difficult for people to concentrate, or they can be very upset because the area inside or around the ear is red.



6. Sweat

People who sweat a lot may find that perspiration can give rise to skin irritation problems, or it may be in several different parts of the body. Although it is usually not directly related to excessive sweating, sometimes irritation to the head and neck can also lead to ear itching.


In fact, many seasonal causes bring earache and pain, as well as infections and inflammation. It is important to protect ears from weather changes, such as cold, hot, rain and air pressure changes. At the same time, note to rest well. Do not put too much pressure on oneself. Take good care of the body, then there is a stronger resistance to deal with the symptoms caused by seasonal changes.


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