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Tips to Prevent Ear Infections

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In life, many ear diseases can be prevented. Here are some ear care measures related to daily life to prevent the occurrence of ear diseases.



1. Get Rid of the Habit of Ear Cleaning

Ear cleaning can cause ear canal and tympanic membrane damage. Sometimes the infection is caused by bacterial invasion, leading to hearing loss.



2. Prevent Water from Flowing into Ears When Washing Hair and Bathing

Because the skin and tympanic membrane are soaked in water, adding stimulation of earwax, it is easy to cause otitis externa. If there is original tympanic membrane perforation, it will cause the recurrence of otitis media when water enters the ear.

hartmann ear speculum


3. Physical Examination Is Required before Swimming in Summer

Patients with otitis externa, otitis media, ceruminal impaction of external auditory meatus, perforation of tympanic membrane and other diseases must be corrected before swimming. Medical instruments for ear examination include otoscope ear speculum, Hartmann ear speculum and other aural speculum types. If people are swimming with baby, it is best to bring soft earplugs and choose a clean swimming pool. Let the water flow out of the ears after swimming. Take note that those with chronic otitis media should not swim.



4. Infection Should Be Strictly Prevented for Ear Trauma and Frostbite, especially Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Infection

Because this bacterium can cause auricle perichondritis, cartilage necrosis, and eventually lead to auricle deformity (cauliflower like ear).



5. Keep away from Noise and Explosion Site (Including Setting off Firecrackers)

Loud noise can cause noise deafness, while explosion noise can cause detonation deafness.



6. Keep away from Alcohol, Tobacco and Ototoxic Drugs (such as Streptomycin, Gentamicin, Kanamycin, etc.)

These things are toxic to the auditory nerve.



7. Virus Infection

Viral infection (such as measles, mumps, ear herpes zoster, etc.) is often accompanied by sensorineural hearing loss, so preventive measures should be taken in time.



8. Strike from External Force

Avoid hitting the head, not to mention clapping the ear. The former may be complicated by hearing impairment, while the latter may cause rupture of tympanic membrane. In our daily life, it is common that the ear function is damaged by strike from external force.



9. The Right Way to Blow Nose

When blowing nose,  the correct way should be mastered. Blow the left and right nasal cavities one by one. Do not pinch and close the left and right nostrils at the same time, because there is a tube (eustachian tube) between the back of the nasal cavity and the middle ear cavity. Blowing nose improperly can drive nasal secretions into the middle ear cavity, causing otitis media.



10. Cold, Upper Respiratory Tract Infection, Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

People with cold, upper respiratory tract infection and eustachian tube dysfunction should not travel by air. Otherwise, it may cause aviation otitis media, earache, tympanic membrane congestion, middle ear effusion, and even hearing loss.



11. Deafness Caused by Systemic Diseases

Hypertension and arteriosclerosis are the first reasons of deafness caused by systemic diseases. Kidney disease, diabetes, hypothyroidism can also cause deafness clinically. Therefore, the hearing of patients with these diseases should be monitored.



12. Presbycusis

Presbycusis is the performance of hearing organs in the aging process of human body. The age and speed of development vary from person to person, and are related to genetics and various harmful factors (including diseases) experienced in the whole life process. Therefore, the elderly should be regularly tested for hearing.



13. Routine Hearing Screening for Newborns

Hearing screening should be carried out routinely for newborns, and early intervention and treatment should be carried out when hearing disorders are found.


Infection in the middle ear region is called otitis media. Acute suppurative otitis media often has fever, local pain, tympanic membrane congestion and other symptoms. There are some other forms of otitis media, such as effusion for more than 6 weeks, but no signs of infection, namely chronic otitis media. The ear can be protected and otitis media can be prevented by avoiding the harm of second-hand smoke, avoid going to crowded places, developing the habit of washing hands frequently, and timely vaccination, etc. Aural speculum, Lempert annual speculum and specula for otoscope can be applied for in-depth examination of the ear.


In short, if the above measures can be followed, many ear diseases will be far away and hearing will be protected.


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