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The Harm of Xerophthalmia to the Body

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White collar workers are a high incidence of xerophthalmia, which is because they face the computer for a long time and often work overtime, so their eyes are hard to get reasonable rest. Xerophthalmia is mostly due to the unreasonable use of eyes for a long time. Xerophthalmia does great harm to the eyes, so we should try our best to develop the habit of using eyes correctly. In addition, it is necessary to understand the relevant knowledge of xerophthalmia, do a good job in prevention and control measures, to prevent the disease. If suffering from xerophthalmia, to the hospital in time for examination and treatment. Generally speaking, doctors will use some tools, such as medical forceps, eye scissors, curved needle holder and so on.


People's lacrimal glands are secreting tears every day. Some of these tears are evaporated and some parts will stay in the eyes. Tears can be divided into three layers: the outer layer is lipid, the middle layer is water, and the innermost layer is protein. There are two types of xerophthalmia patients, one is caused by the decline of tear quality, the other is caused by insufficient lacrimal gland secretion.



Etiology of Xerophthalmia

Recent studies have shown that ocular surface changes, immune-based inflammatory response, apoptosis, and changes in sex hormone levels are related factors in the development of xerophthalmia, but the relationship between these factors is not clear. The etiology can be divided into the following categories.


Insufficient Tear Secretion

Lack of tears is the most common cause of xerophthalmia. Congenital absence of lacrimal gland, senile lacrimal gland dysfunction, inflammation of lacrimal gland caused by autoimmune diseases, trauma, infection, autonomic nervous disorder, and long-term use of some eye drops or drugs will cause lacrimal secretion insufficiency. In addition, people who wear contact lenses for a long time are also prone to xerophthalmia.


Insufficient Oil Secretion

Eyelid diseases can cause tarsal gland dysfunction, thereby reducing oil secretion.


Insufficient Mucin Secretion

Lack of vitamin A1, chronic conjunctivitis, chemical burns and other reasons can cause insufficient secretion of mucin.


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The Harm of Xerophthalmia to the Body

Patients with xerophthalmia should be timely vitamin A or carotene, otherwise the conjunctiva will be affected, and the lacrimal gland will stop secreting tears. The cells on the cornea will become keratinized, turbid and ulcerated, which may eventually lead to corneal tissue rupture, even eye bleeding, and pus exudation. This may cause xerophthalmia to develop into keratomalacia and even lead to blindness. 


If xerophthalmia becomes very serious, then the patient must go to the hospital for treatment. The doctor will first check the patient's eyes and decide the treatment plan according to the condition of the patient. If the condition is particularly severe, the doctor may perform an operation. During the operation, doctors need to use straight eye scissors, needle holder instrument, eye speculum and other tools. If the patient's cornea is severely damaged, doctors may replace the patient's cornea. 


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