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Innovation Core of Hospital Management Mode (2)

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Innovation is the only way for hospital development. The process of hospital innovation is the result of introducing new technology, new service, new market and new organization and management form. Medical devices include nasal speculum, high flow oxygen machine, 3 prong speculum, etc.



1. Hospital Marketing: Discovering the Value of Medical Treatment and Patients

Now many hospitals are taking the road of marketing. However, from the perspective of the whole medical environment, the marketing of private hospitals has not brought much room for the whole industry to rise, but has buried the hidden danger of falsehood and distrust. This hidden problem has shown a negative impact. If there is no innovation, the hospital will slowly shrink.



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2. Correct Marketing Concept

In the whole distrust of the medical environment, many operators can only sigh powerless, difficult to turn the tide. This is because at the beginning, there is no correct marketing concept and ideas, and there is no good and healthy development. Let's take a look at the right marketing concept.


(1) A Premise That Must Be Understood

The premise of hospital marketing success is to discover medical value. A lot of hospital investors and managers have gone wrong. Medical equipment, such as heavy weighted speculum, bone cutting forcep, etc, are indeed very important, but in the final analysis, hospital management should grasp the value of the hospital itself - medical value (the core interests of patients). The central point of‘medical value discovery’is to study the core interests of patients and how to meet them. In the final analysis, what patients want is the effect, which is‘optimistic about the disease’. If the hospital can not do this, no matter how good it is in other aspects, it can not make patients really satisfied.


(2) A Core That Must Be Understood

The core goal of the hospital is to change the patient's preference for medical treatment and enhance the confidence of patients in choosing. Do not do any advertisement that can not change the patient's preference for medical treatment, and do not do any behavior that can not enhance patients' confidence in choosing a hospital. Follow these two sentences and the marketing money will be spent as effectively as possible. On the contrary, it is waste.


What impression the hospital brand will leave on patients is very important for patients to choose medical treatment. Therefore, refining brand value has become a key link in hospital marketing. The impression of patients on the hospital is not simply good or bad, but a kind of confidence in choice. Any information that the hospital conveys must be useful to enhance patients' confidence in choosing a hospital, otherwise it will be of no value.


Whether the independence, sense of stability, color, logo, lighting and other details from the appearance of the hospital outpatient building, or the interior decoration, medical hardware (including dental extracting forceps, nursing scissors, etc), as well as the humanistic environment, the shaping of the environment should be paid attention to create the confidence of patients. The quality and details of the hospital are all about the confidence of patients in seeing a doctor.

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(3) What the Real Market Is Have to Be Understand

The discovery of the patients is not equal to the discovery of the market, and the discovery of the core interests of patients is the discovery of the real market. Only by appealing for the core interests of patients, can the attention of patients be aroused and their desire for medical treatment be mobilized. Therefore, hospital marketing should try to find the core interests of patients, which are unshakable, inviolable and must be maintained.


For example, plastic surgery for women, the core interest is to fear falling into the opposite sex competition. For patients with infertility, the core interest is fear of causing their elders and husbands to be disappointed and alienated. The interests of patients must be deeply explored in order to create a brand with strong attraction to patients.


(4) Core Products That Must Be Understood

The core product of a hospital is the ability tocure the disease. Hospital products should fully reflect the interests of patients. Therefore, it is a kind of ability. It is the ability to apply medical devices, including nasal cannula with flap, oxygen conserving cannula, speculum for nose and other hardware, to solve the problem of patients, that is, the ability to cure the disease. This ability is the product value for patients.


In short, when choosing packaging products, the hospital marketing director should first see whether the hospital can provide products that meet the core interests of patients. If it can be provided, then marketing will be meaningful and effective. Otherwise, all marketing will return to zero and end in failure.