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How to use eye makeup correctly?

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When we talk about eye makeup, we think of eye shadow, eyeliner, eyelash brush, etc. The eyes will indeed look good after makeup, and the eyes will look piercing. This is the advantage of eye cosmetics, but the eye cosmetics are dazzling and if used improperly, they can also cause eye diseases. How should we use eye makeup correctly?



Eye diseases caused by cosmetics need attention

Many bad habits in life may cause eye disease. Perhaps everyone is familiar with trachoma and dry eye, but few people know about cosmetic eye disease. But for people who often make up, they should pay extra attention to avoid this eye disease caused by improper operation or use. Eye makeup can cause skin allergies and inflammation of the conjunctiva.

Many cosmetics used daily are more or less contaminated during production or use. Cosmetics such as eyelash brush, eyeliner, eye shadow, etc., once the contaminated dust and ointment fall into the eyes, it is very easy to cause conjunctivitis, conjunctival staining, corneal burns, corneal fungal disease and other "cosmetic eye diseases".



cosmetic eye disease

How to use eye makeup correctly

1. Keep it clean

Newly bought eye cosmetics are generally safe, but improper use can lead to the growth of dangerous bacteria. Then, when they are applied around the eyes, they can cause infection. In rare cases, women are temporarily or permanently blind due to cosmetic infections. See the list of tips for eye makeup, cleansing and anti-infection. Occasionally, even new eye makeup has pollution problems.


2. Do not share cosmetics with others

Even with your best friend, do not share or exchange cosmetics. Bacteria in others may be a disaster for you. The risk of contamination may be greater than trying out the equipment in a retail store. If you are in a cosmetics store, make sure they apply a single-use brush head, such as a clean cotton swab.



3. Ingredient label

As consumer-grade cosmetics, retail eye cosmetics must indicate the ingredients on the label, in accordance with the "FPLA" regulation-an important consumer rights protection law. If you want to avoid certain ingredients or compare ingredients from different brands, you can check the ingredient list.

If the cosmetics sold to consumers do not indicate the ingredients, they are considered to be incomplete labels and cannot be traded across states. Very small packages must be accompanied by a copy of the ingredient description. If neither the package nor the ingredient description is attached, please ask the retail store manager or contact the manufacturer immediately.



4. Stay away from Kohl-especially children

One color additive of particular interest is the so-called Kohl black eyeliner, also known as al-Kahl, Kajal or Suma. It is used to beautify the appearance of the eyes in some parts of the world, but it is an unapproved cosmetic in the United States. Cole includes heavy metal salts such as antimony and lead. Some people think that Kohl has been used as a traditional eye makeup in some parts of the world, so it must be safe. However, there are reports that Kohl's use caused lead poisoning in children.


We must use eye makeup correctly and reasonably. To avoid excessive damage to eyes caused by cosmetics, everyone should take care of their eyes as if they were children.