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How to Insert A Nasal Cannula?

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If you have to replenish oxygen to maintain a normal life, you can insert a soft nasal cannula into your nose to deliver oxygen to your body, which means you don't need to wear a heavy mask. However, improper use of nasal cannula can cause discomfort and abrasion of the nose, so this article will introduce you to the correct use steps of a nasal cannula.


Make Sure You Have the Correct Size Cannula


Most brands of oxygen cannulas are available in infant, pediatric, and adult sizes, so you should choose the size that suits you best, which should be close to the nostril to prevent falling. If there are more subdivided products, you can choose one which is the most comfortable for you to put in nostrils but the insertion time should not be too long. If you feel the reservoir nasal cannula rubbing on your nostrils, you should choose a smaller size.



Connect the End Connector to the Oxygen Source


At one end of the adult nasal cannula is a connector that hooks into your oxygen tank or converter. Slide the connector to the end of the oxygen line to link with the nasal cannula. At the same time, make sure that the connector is fixed to the oxygen line to avoid any gas escaping.


Adjust the Amount of Oxygen Flowing through the Pipe


Your doctor will provide you with the most suitable oxygen flow rate, so you only need to turn the knob on the machine and set it to the exact number, which should not be changed without the doctor's permission. Changing the flow rate of the oxygen nasal cannula will cause you to get too much or too little oxygen, leading to health complications.



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Turn the Cannula to Bend the Pin Downward


Most silicone nasal cannulas have curved tips that fit more naturally into the nostrils, so you need to point the pins to the ceiling and bend down the tips. If the nasal cannula does not have a curved angle, use your own strength to point the pin up and keep it at an angle to your body.



Insert the Pin into the Nostril


You should place the most comfortable nasal cannula as far as possible and you will feel the air flowing if it is connected properly.



Lift the Test Cannula and Put it on Your Ear


Make sure the tubes connected to the oxygen delivery system are close to your ears, which will keep the nasal cannula with lip tab in place, whether you're walking around or sleeping. When it is not convenient to wrap the tube behind the ear, you can also choose to rotate the nasal oxygen cannula to connect the tube from the nostril to the back of the neck, with the slider at the bottom of the neck.



Move the Slider up onto the Cannula


The slider is a small piece on the tube, so you can move it up and down to tighten or loosen the headset. It is worth noting that you should push the slider up until it's just below your chin. Besides, there should be a gap between the tube and the chin that allows the insertion of two fingers. If you find that the best nasal cannula for oxygen has dented your skin, you need to adjust its length appropriately.