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Do you know the tips for not hurting your ears with headphones?

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The World Health Organization estimates that 1.1 billion young people around the world are at risk of hearing loss caused by unsafe ear habits. More than 43 million people aged 12-35 have disability hearing loss caused by various reasons. Among the 12-35-year-old teenagers and young people in middle-income and high-income countries, nearly half of them use personal audio devices such as MP3 players and smartphones to turn on the volume to an unsafe level. How should we reduce the ear damage caused by headphones? 



Several scenes that affect hearing


1. Wear headphones to listen to music in a noisy environment

When we are walking on the street or taking a subway bus, due to the high environmental noise, listening to music with headphones often requires increasing the volume to get a better enjoyment effect.

However, when wearing headphones for a long time, sound enters the ears directly through the external auditory canal. This powerful sound pressure will put the ears in a state of fatigue, and "irreversible hearing loss" is likely to occur in young people with strong hearing development. Therefore, it is best to listen to music in a quiet environment, and it is best not to wear headphones or wear it for too long, and let your ears rest in time.


2. Make a call for a long time

Mobile phones are currently a necessity for people’s lives. Many people are willing to "talk on the phone" with friends and family, but making calls for a long time can also stimulate hearing and cause damage.


3. Stay in KTV, bars and nightclubs for a long time

In order to achieve "shocking" sound effects, the noise of such entertainment venues can sometimes reach about 100 decibels. Exposure to such noise, even for just a few minutes, can cause inner ear cell damage and cause irreversible hearing loss.

Therefore, the time spent in such places should be minimized, and the ears should be rested in a quiet environment in time. If you experience tinnitus, pain, or hearing loss after entering or leaving such places, you must consult a professional doctor for diagnosis and treatment in time.


irreversible hearing loss.


How to reduce earphone damage to ears

1. Don't turn on the earphone volume too loudly. When listening to music or learning foreign languages with earphones, you should pay attention to control the volume. It is best to keep it at 40-60 decibels (generally speaking or slightly smaller), so that you can feel calm and pleasant.


2. Do not listen continuously for a long time. Adults should use headphones for no more than 3-4 hours a day, and it is advisable to listen intermittently. It is best to let the ears rest every half an hour.


3. It is best not to wear headphones in noisy environments such as in buses, subways, and noisy streets. Because you will definitely be able to hear the sound when you turn it up very loudly. Under the noisy setting, you will feel that the sound of the headphones is very small. In fact, you have already adjusted it to a very high level, which is very bad for your hearing.


4. Pay attention to keeping the earplugs clean, and clean them in time after each use. 



Young people have infinite possibilities in the future. Hearing should not affect their development, especially entertainment should not damage their hearing. Do you take care of your ears?