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Can Fish Oil Help Dry Eye?

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Although artificial tears or ointments are commonly used to treat xerophthalmia, studies have shown that fish liver oil can also alleviate xerophthalmia. Fish oil seems to improve the function of the meibomian gland, the oily part of the eye that produces tears. Improving the function of these glands can relieve xerophthalmia. 


Xerophthalmia is a kind of eye disease with lacrimal secretion disorder, which is caused by many factors and mainly characterized by dry eyes. It is often accompanied by itching sensation, foreign body feeling, burning feeling, or photophobia, blurred vision and vision fluctuation. The common symptoms include dry eyes, easily tired eyes, itchy eyes, foreign body sensation, burning sensation, sticky secretions, fear of wind, photophobia, and sensitivity to external stimuli. Sometimes the eyes are too dry and the basic tears are insufficient, which can stimulate the secretion of reflex tears, resulting in frequent tears. In more serious cases, the eyes will be red, swollen, hyperemic, keratinized, and the corneal epithelium may break and have filamentous adhesion. If the injury lasts for a long time, it can cause keratoconjunctival lesions and affect visual acuity.


If you feel eye discomfort, you needle to go to the hospital. During the diagnosis, the doctor will ask you some questions and use some medical tools to check your eyes, such as medical forceps, crocodile forceps, needle holders, curved needle driver and needle forceps.


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Treatment of Xerophthalmia

Xerophthalmia is a chronic disease, most patients needle long-term treatment. If the xerophthalmia is caused by excessive evaporation of tears caused by eyelid exposure. Eyelid reconstruction should be performed according to the severity of the disease. 


For patients with xerophthalmia, we should try to reduce the use of computer, and try not to stay in the air dry room for too long. In normal life, should pay attention to clean eyelids. In addition, artificial tears can also be used to relieve dry eye symptoms. If the symptoms are serious, you can also wear goggles to protect your eyes. 


Patients should eat foods with high vitamin a content, such as milk, eggs, fish oil, etc. Fish oil is rich in vitamin A and vitamin D, which has a good effect on the treatment of dry eye. In addition to the above foods, patients can also use carrots and blueberries, which also have a good effect on the treatment of dry eye disease. When patients feel tired of the eyes, you can massage the eyes properly, or use hot compress to relieve the symptoms of dry eye. 


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