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4 Things You can Learn About Glaucoma from Bono

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Glaucoma is a disease characterized by atrophy and depression of the optic papilla, visual field defects and decreased vision. Pathological increase in intraocular pressure and insufficient blood supply to the optic nerve are the primary risk factors for its onset. The tolerance of the optic nerve to pressure damage is also related to the occurrence and development of glaucoma. Obstruction of any link in the aqueous humor circulation can lead to pathological changes caused by elevated intraocular pressure, but some patients also present with normal intraocular pressure glaucoma. Glaucoma is one of the three major causes of blindness in humans, with an incidence of 1% in the total population and 2% after the age of 45. Clinically, glaucoma is divided into three types: primary, secondary and congenital according to the cause, angle of the chamber, and intraocular pressure.


Secondary glaucoma is caused by some eye diseases or systemic diseases that interfere with normal aqueous circulation, such as glaucoma caused by eye trauma, neovascular glaucoma, iridocyclitis, glucocorticoid glaucoma and so on. The cause of the disease is relatively clear. Congenital glaucoma is caused by abnormal embryonic development and congenital variation of the horn structure.


One of the biggest news reports related to glaucoma in 2014 was Bono's disclosure of the disease. Although his comment on the matter was brief, there were some important tips for the public to know about glaucoma.



1. Having Glaucoma Does Not Mean You Have to Be Blind.

When Bono announced he had glaucoma, he revealed that he had been suffering from the disease for many years. He is a good example that many glaucoma patients can maintain their vision and lead an active life if there is enough early treatment. In fact, since 1980, the chance of blindness caused by glaucoma has been reduced by nearly half. Researchers believe that advances in diagnosis and treatment are likely to be the cause of this situation.



2. Glaucoma Treatment is Effective.

The public has never suspected that Bono has eye disease, this is the effective treatment for glaucoma, such as medicated eye drops and minimally invasive surgery. In announcing the news, Bono said: "My treatment is very good, and I will get better." 



3. The Earlier You Are Diagnosed, the Better.

The key to preventing vision loss in glaucoma is early diagnosis. The 54-year-old Bono said that although the details of his treatment have not been shared with the public, he has been suffering from the disease for more than 20 years, so it is likely to be diagnosed at an early stage. Early treatment usually prevents blindness caused by glaucoma.


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4. Glaucoma May Not Have Obvious Symptoms in the Early Stage.

With age increasing, regular medical eye examinations are particularly important. The only way to diagnose glaucoma is to have a complete eye exam. The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends that all adults (even if they have no signs of eye symptoms) have a baseline eye exam at least before the age of 40, which is the time when the early signs of disease or vision changes occur. While many treatments have the greatest impact on maintaining vision, a baseline examination can help you spot signs of eye disease early. Of course, if you have any problems with vision or eye comfort before the age of 40, please do not wait, make an appointment with an ophthalmologist immediately. If diagnosed with glaucoma, follow the doctor’s advice for surgery, they can provide you with the best ophthalmologists and surgical devices, including corneal forceps, conjunctival scissors, corneal cannula, eye speculum, eye cannulas surgical instruments, etc.



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